The Spina Bifida statistics for North Dakota are as follows: In this state 5.76 babies out of 10,000 births have this medical condition. The data was taken during the years 2001-2005. This shows a decrease in the number of births with this health issue when compared to the previous data.

An estimated 369 people are living in the state who have been affected with this birth defect. Around 201,164 women are pregnant who and some are at high risk of delivering babies affected with this medical problem. People of Hispanic origin account for  2.1 percent of the population which equals 1,346 (Hispanics traditionally are at higher risk of SB).

There are two Spina Bifida clinics, hospitals and doctors who are in the state that provide help and assistance to patients affected with SB. One SB clinic is present in Grand Forks and the other SB clinic can be found in Fargo. There are currently no support groups, camps, activities or charities in this state.

Spina Bifida Clinics, Hospitals or Doctors in North Dakota

Altru Health Institute

1300 South Columbia Road

Grand Forks, ND 58201

Phone: 701-780-2482

Web site:


Merit Care Health System

Myelodysplasia Clinic

736 N. Broadway

Fargo, ND 58102

Phone: 701-234-6600

Web site:


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