The Spina Bifida statistics for New Mexico are as follows: In this state 5.63 babies out of 10,000 babies are born with this medical condition. During the years 2001-2005, the data was collected and it shows that there has been an increase in the number of babies born with this health issue.

In New Mexico around 1,117 people are living with this birth defect. Around 620,000 women are residing in the state are of child bearing age.  Some  are at a risk of giving birth to babies who will be affected with this medical problem. An estimated 45 percent of the population or 890,000 people are of Hispanic origin (which has a higher risk of being affected with SB).

There is one SB clinic that is located in Albuquerque and provides services to patients affected with SB.

Spina Bifida Clinics, Hospitals or Doctors in New Mexico

Carrie Tingley Hospital

SB/Myleo Clinic

1127 University Blvd., NE

MSC 074090

Albuquerque, NM 87102-1715

Phone: 505-272-5287

Web site:


Spina Bifida Camps for Children in New Mexico

Easter Seals Camp Mirador

P.O. Box 177 (camp address)

Vanderwagen, NM 87326

Contact: Bill Fales

Voice: (505) 424-7700


Web site:


Easter Seals El Mirador

10 A-VAN-NU-PO (mailing address)

Santa Fe, NM 87508

Contact: Mary McFadin

Voice: (505) 424-7700

Fax: (505) 424-7707

Web site:


Sports & Activities in New Mexico

Ski Apache Disabled Skiers Program

P.O. Box2138

Ruidoso, NM  88355

Office Phone:  575-464-3193

Shippen Davis, Program Director:  575-808-1441 (Cell)


Web site:


Katya Franzgen

1595 Camino La Canada

Santa Fe, NM 87501



Web site:


Brett Maul

P.O. Box 34081

Santa Fe, NM 87594



Web site:


Carlos Caceres

Riding Program Director

505-470-1815 (direct)


Web site:

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