The Spina Bifida statistics for Nevada are as follows: In the state of Nevada, the number of babies who are born with this birth defect has not been tracked. The state has around 803,000 women who are due to give birth and many are at risk of delivering babies affected with this medical condition.

The number of people of Hispanic origin in the state of Nevada is around 26 percent of the population, which equals 670,000 (which has a higher risk of being affected with SB).

The SB Association of the Intermountain Region is responsible for providing help and assistance to people affected with this health issue. There are organizations in Nevada that provide extra-curricular activities for children. However there are currently no clinics or support groups in this state.

Spina Bifida Charity in Nevada

SBA of the Intermountain Region

Christi Rauth

National Walk Manager

Phone: 310-359-9611


Web site:



Spina Bifida Camps for Children in Nevada

Easter Seals Nevada (no activities for 2012)

6200 W. Oakey Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Contact: Tina Jeeves

Voice: (702) 870-7050

Fax: (702) 870-7649

TTY: (702) 870-7050


Web site:

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