The Spina Bifida statistics for Mississippi are as follows: In this state the number of babies affected with this medical condition is unknown. Our research has not yielded the numbers of women here who are due to give birth with babies that may or may not be likely be at with this disability.

The Mississippi State Department of Health which is located at Jackson provides help and services to patients who are affected with this medical problem. The SB Association of Mississippi that is also situated in Jackson is responsible for providing assistance to people affected with SB.

The Camp Dream Street provides extra-curricular activities for children in the state of Mississippi.

Spina Bifida Clinics, Hospitals or Doctors in Mississippi

Mississippi State Department of Health

Blake Clinic for Children

Jackson Medical Mall, Suite 454

350 Woodrow Wilson Drive

Jackson, MS 39213

Phone: 601-987-3965


Web site:,0,163.html


Spina Bifida Charity in Mississippi

SB Association of Mississippi,

5 Old River,

Ste 101,

Jackson, MS 39202-3449


Spina Bifida Camps for Children in Mississippi

Camp Dream Street

3863 Morrison Rd

Utica, MS 39175

Contact: Scott Levy

Voice: (601) 885 6042


Web site:

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