The Spina Bifida statistics for Arkansas as per the data collected from 2001 to 2005 are as follows: Out of 10,000 babies, 4.01 are born with this medical condition. The number of  births which are affected with SB in the state are increasing each year.

The state of Arkansas currently has 1,145 people who are affected with this birth defect. The current estimate of women who are due to give birth in the state is 0.89 million. Many  are at a high risk of giving birth to babies born with this health issue. People who are of Latin/Hispanic origin tend to get affected with SB more than people of other origins. The total population of people residing in this state having Hispanic origin is 6 percent which equals 171,323.

In Arkansas, one Spina Bifida clinic and doctor that is located at Little Rock, which provides aid and services to patients affected with this defect. Compared to other states, the state of Arkansas does not have many resources dedicated to SB such as support groups, camps, sports & activities and clinics compared to other states.

Spina Bifida Clinics and Doctors in Arkansas

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

SB Program

800 Marshall Street, Mail Slot 650

Little Rock, AR 72202

Phone: 501-364-1806



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