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Whats inside?

  • Scholarships & Foundations for those with Spina Bifida.
  • College Scholarships for Students with disabilities.
  • Information about special low-interest loans or access disability loans.
  • 22 Diagnosis-based Assistance Programs for Spina Bifida.
  • Treatment Options and Current Research about SB!


You’ve just been sent an email that contains a confirmation link for subscribing. Once it is confirmed, you will receive a 2nd email with instructions on how you can download your free ebook. If it is not in your email inbox, please check the spam box


Please read if you use GMAIL.

Gmail has created a tabbed inbox system that sorts messages into categories. Because of the way they have set the system up you may miss important messages that has information that you have requested.

  • Messages from friends and family will be seen under the Primary tab.
  • Messages from your social networks are in the Social category.
  • And promotional emails for programs and special offers, as well as e-newsletters can be found under the Promotions tab.

Spina Bifida Headquarters message will be found under the Promotions Tab.  Important information such as:

  • New Financial Assistance Programs, Grants and Scholarships for those with Spina Bifida
  • Important updates and medical breakthroughs on SB.
  • Upcoming Charities and Events for those with SB.
  • New Educational and helpful content


These items may go unnoticed, unless you move our emails over to your Primary Tab.  It is a quick and easy fix.

1. Open your Gmail and click the “Promotions” tab.
2. Look for any emails from us (Spina Bifida Headquarters).
3. If you see one, drag it to the “Primary” tab.
4. A question will pop up (at the top of your email list) asking if you want this done automatically in the future. Click YES.

Here is a video that shows how you can do it:


Of course, if you have any questions, reach out to us at

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