I realize the thought of taking legal action against pharmaceutical companies can seem like a lot of effort and stress, but there are few things you need to be aware of.
Firstly, the process is not nearly as complicated as you’re probably thinking.You see, because the doctors are at fault, the pharmaceutical companies are looking to reach settlements with parents who have legitimate claims. And according to Bloomberg, the average settlement payout is more than $1.2 million to families of affected children.
This has largely been the result of a FDA warning, first issued in 2006 about the hazards of antidepressants and pregnancy. It was based on a New England Journal of Medicine study which revealed that women who took antidepressants after the 20th week of pregnancy, were six times more likely to have babies born with problems.
So it is in your best interests to request compensation as the costs of raising your child will be quite expensive. This financial assistance will make it much easier to pay for the basics, such as surgery, physical therapy and wheel chairs… amongst other things.
Plus it’s so easy to book a consultation. It is nowhere near as difficult as you may believe, as all you have to do is speak to a lawyer to see what your options are. And because it’s free you literally have NOTHING TO LOSE.
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