The Spina Bifida statistics for Hawaii are as follows: About 3.03 babies out of 10,000 births are born with this medical condition. The research was based on the data which was collected during the period from 2001-2005. In Hawaii an estimated 390 people are living with this health issue. The number of women who are at a risk of giving birth to babies affected with SB in Hawaii are 0.4 million.

The state of Hawaii has around 115,937 people who are of Hispanic origin, which is around 9 percent of the population. There is a Spina Bifida clinic and hospital located in Honolulu. The clinic is responsible for providing assistance to people with this medical problem.

Spina Bifida Clinics and Doctors in Hawaii

Shriners Hospital

Myelo Clinic

1310 Punahou Street

Honolulu, HI 96826

Phone: 808-941-4466

Web site:


Spina Bifida Support Groups in Hawaii

Easter Seals Hawaii, Oahu Service Center

710 Green Street

Honolulu, HI 96813

Contact: Jennifer Norton

Voice: (808) 536 1015

Fax: (808) 536-3765

Toll Free: (888) 241-7450


Web site:


Easter Seals Hawaii, Oahu Support Services

92-461 Makakilo Drive

Kapolei, HI 96707

Contact: Lori Lutu

Voice: (808) 678-3754

Fax: (808) 868-9538


Web site:


Sports & Activities in Hawaii

Sarah Donaldson

Program Manager

Life Rolls On Foundation

P| 310.807.5488


Web site:

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